We have SOLD OUT of our 2013 Vintage.

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These grapes experienced a fabulous growing season, warm but enough moisture to retain greenness throughout the vineyard. No irrigation was used, apart from minimal frost irrigation early in the season. Perfect fruit set saw many small berries.

Unfortunately the temperature dropped in April meaning that ripening slowed considerably, but allowed for concentration of flavours within the berries. The grapes were disease free but very attractive to the birds. They were harvested on Saturday April 23rd and taken directly to Lone Goat Vineyard.

I am sorry but we have sold out of this vintage.

Residual Sugar 4gms/l


Mulled Rose Recipe

3 bottles Braided River Rose

100 gms sugar dissolved in a little boiling water

1 vanilla bean pod

2 sticks cinnamon

Fresh ginger coarsly chopped (roughly size of my thumb)

Fresh nutmeg grated (pinch)

Orange rind (1/2 an orange)

Combine all the above ingredients in a pan over a very low heat. Do not boil.

I covered the pan and left the wine overnight to infuse, then reheated gently the following day.